Module Overviews

Fundamentals of Adolescent Care and Cultural Competence

Introductory Module
  • Authors: Donna Futterman, MD; Sandra Y. Lewis, PsyD; Robert Johnson, MD, FAAP; Stephen Stafford, BA

This module establishes the background in culturally knowledgeable adolescent HIV care.

Psychosocial Issues

Module: Psychosocial Issues
  • Authors: Lisa Henry-Reid, MD; Lori Wiener, PhD; Ana Garcia, PhD (C)
This module focuses on understanding common psychosocial issues faced by young people with HIV. Providers can be more effective in addressing these issues when they are sensitive to the patient's cultural context. Integrated with the discussion are tools and specific recommendations for integrating culturally focused assessment questions and creating a more bias-free and supportive clinical environment.

Antiretroviral Treatment and Adherence

Module: Antiretroviral Therapy and Adherence
  • Authors: Ligia Peralta, MD; April L. Palmer, MD; Marvin E. Belzer, MD, FACP
Deciding to initiate antiretroviral therapy is a big commitment for young people. How can the clinician choose the best regimens and support diverse youth in maintaining adherence?

Transitioning Care

Module: Transitioning Care
  • Authors: Ana Garcia, PhD (C); Larry Friedman, MD

A generation of perinatally infected youth in the United States is transitioning into adolescent and adult care from a pediatric context. This module provides a guide for the clinical teams involved in this transition.

Prevention with Positives

Module: Prevention with Positives
  • Authors: Deborah Royal RN, ANP, MSN; Peggy Macy, MSW

Talking with adolescents about sex and supporting healthy sexual behaviors can be challenging for the provider. This module will help.